some people I know- III

I had written this long back yet somehow I dint want to publish it .
Not because it has anything explicit about them , but I just did not want to make my need for them public.
Ankita mahendru and Mayuri bandopadhyay .
The more I think about them , the less I want to write .
Coz the very thought of being with them induces a state of euphoric laziness that would prevent one from doing anything at all.
No, it doesn’t mean they are lazy.
It just means that when I am with them , I know things will be taken care of.
I know , I will be taken care of.
But yes, they are lazy !
I remember , back in school days, I once found them just sitting there and smacking mosquitoes in the dark .. without any light and without any fan !
And oh .. they also once rang up arnab bhaiyaa who lived a couple blocks away to switch on the fans as they did not want to get up from the chairs !
And no, I am not exaggerating .
So , as I said , I need them in my life .
Someday I will tell you about them separately as well.. not today .
Today all I want is to go on a long drive with them , with ankoo driving , mayuri at he front seat (she always needs to have the front seat)
And me peeking from back seat .. all three of us singing
‘jaane kyu dil jaanta hai .. tu hai toh I will be allright !’


No Head Girl said…
tu hai to i'll be alright :)

and i dearly miss our drives...

p.s. i was actually feeling jealous when u wrote about other people and didn't write about me :P