Some People I Know - II

If we were still in school, I would be singing ‘where’s the party tonight?!’
 Well, December was always a harbinger of celebrations and fun we used to associate with birthdays that followed around the month.
And today, few years down the lane, would have been Meenal’s birthday, and after hours of her coaxing my mom, or even lying, I would have danced around at her place overexcitedly!
And oh, speaking about her won’t be complete without mentioning her precious pups..
One thing for sure, where there is mini, there would be dogs. And lots of them!
I remember ‘chocolate’ among her many pets , and oh! I can never forget how Chanel, the very darling pug, snarled at me every single time I entered meenal's room.
 She exhibited her mistrust in me by pooping right on my lap, just a reminder to me that she was always there, chaperoning …our girly gossips which invariably lasted hours.. And the best part was, it always ended up with an ice cream!
Well, Sometimes meenal brought up the jazz by experimenting with ice cream sundaes and other delicacies.. Well, you won’t hear me complaining! !
One thing for sure, baking certainly comes out of mini’s mittens.
And for my birthdays, I always got something special, something handmade from her- chocolates, bookmarks , photo frame cum collage which I so cherish!
I still read those birthday letters she wrote to me from Shigally and GD Goenka .
And well, though the letters got less elaborate with growing up  , I know she still cares.
And though her two thick plaits, swinging around her waist and the legendary zit that forever troubled her nose , are no longer there, she knows that I care.
And though she is 6 time zones behind from where I stand, I still can feel her special hug !
And for me, it’s all I know about her!
And ,Well, that’s Meenal for me , and always will be !
Happy birthday, mini!

p.s. Chanel got around eventually and even let me pet her!
Finally, no hard feelings!