years later

Years later
If we cross each other again
In some seedy supermarket aisle,
Will we just walk past ?
Or be civil enough
To stop and smile
And find time
To exchange pleasantries?

We see each other
Yet keep reading the back of the cereal box.
Dreading the questions
And their answers
Wondering if its too late,
As we already know
The relationship is way past its expiry date.

Even worse
We look yet don’t remember
Name , work , face, place
The unforgettable one
Is now just a blurred laugh

Or even worse
Shuffle the grocery bag,
Wishing ‘small talk’ came with a price tag.
But then it dawns,
The Price has already been paid.
So, now, at the check-out counter,
I don’t turn
I act blind.
Hurrying out I realize
I have left the cash bill
And Everything Else